Fall Home Improvement Projects

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Now that autumn is here, it’s a good idea for homeowners to consider taking on some fall home improvement projects. We’re not talking about extreme renovations that involve a lot of monetary input. It’s about the little changes that are made through a few additions and some maintenance tasks. Your fall home improvement project can be done by a contractor but if you have some skills, you can do some of the DIY work.

Maintenance is an essential part of homeownership. Proper maintenance causes the value of your residential real estate property to go higher. If there is notable negligence, the property is bound to go on a decline in the markets.

Gutter inspection and maintenance

Gutters are a vital part of the house and failing to inspect them may lead to bad winter. If the system is weak, the spikes that hold the gutter in place will fall apart when filled with snow and ice. If you are still using nails, consider replacing them with screws. These will hold the gutter better. Make sure to check for any damages and fix them.

It is also important to clean the gutter by removing all the fallen leaves. A clogged gutter will lead to a lot of headaches and possible damage to your home. Ensure you do this at the end of fall when most trees will have lost their leaves. Consider installing heat tape on the edges of the roof. If you have this or some kind of insulation for the attic, the chances of getting an ice dam are very low.

Window replacement

Windows can be problematic especially as winter approaches. You may have a windy chill within the house or a general lack of efficient utilization of heat. Fall is the perfect time to check out these issues. If need be, you can get a handyman to change out your ineffective window panes for better ones. There are new models that have multiple panes or inert gases that give better insulation. They will also reduce the costs of the electricity bill. You can also check the fireplace and ensure that it is in working condition. Seal gaps and add insulation to all windows in your house.

Exterior painting

To get the best results when painting your house, you should make it part of your fall project. The temperature is at an optimum; it’s not too cold or hot. The humidity is also very low so it will have minimal effect on the paintwork. Take advantage of the moderately warmer days. If you have a wooden surface that might be exposed to the winter conditions, consider a fresh coat of paint on that too.


Roofs can be a bit problematic especially if you are considering a complete DIY project. During the dry season, it is hard to tell whether you will have leakages but winter can reveal the worst. Hire a professional to assess any damage and fix it in time for winter weather.

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