Drew Warmington Announces the Launch of a New Insurance Lead Platform for Life Insurance Agents

Monday, February 5, 1996 — Newport Beach, CA

Drew Warmington announces today the launch of a new insurance leads platform for life insurance agents.

Drew Warmington announced the launch of iLeads.com today. iLeads.com will provide insurance lead platform services to provide quality leads to insurance agents nationwide.

“We are extremely excited to offer high closing insurance leads to top producers all over the country on the Internet” said Drew Warmington, Founder of iLeads.com. “Our ability to deliver real prospects quickly along with exceptional customer service and will make our lead generation services one of the most prominent brands online. We also hope to leverage this emerging technology known as the Internet to successfully launch iLeads.com.”

Insurance leads are essentially the secret of top-producing agents. On the Internet, speed and accuracy are keys to building customer success, and iLeads.com is making the promise of real-time leads for insurance agents who want to build their business. Leads are available for independent agents as well as single agents.

“We can deliver prospects literally minutes after they complete an online form to get their quote. Our clients are certain to get the most closing leads to grow their own business and brand,” Mr. Warmington finished.

About iLeads.com

Since 1996 iLeads.com has been an innovator of online insurance lead-generation. Serving well over 44,000 clients since inception, iLeads.com continues to deliver a steady stream of convertible leads every month to our clients. Through its partnership with CoreLogic (www.corelogic.com), iLeads.com has been a leader in using data to enhance, analyze, score and verify the accuracy of the data contained within internet insurance leads.

Media Inquiries

Media Contact: Drew Warmington

Title: CEO and Managing Partner

Phone: 1-877-245-3237 ext. 113

Email: dwarmingtoni@ileads.com

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