Does Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

landscaping is a big part of creating curb appeal, and may be a factor in selling your home quicker.

Curb appeal is extremely important in the successful sale of any home. When buyers see your home from the outside, it leaves a first impression that can make or break a sale. A buyer forms their opinion of your property well before they even check out the inside. If your home’s exterior is attractive, it draws potential buyers in.

Landscaping is more important than many people realize. Smart landscaping changes can mean your home’s value goes up, and it also means that your home will stay on the market for a shorter amount of time. But the wrong landscaping can be detrimental to the sale of your property.

 The front yard

The most important part of landscaping is the front yard, of course. Potential buyers see your front yard first. You want the walk from the car to your door to be a pleasant and inviting one. This means that it should be full of color and interest, versus full of weeds and brown patches. The only color should not be two lonely potted plants on either side of the front stoop.

You want to wow potential buyers when they see your front yard. Here are some tips for a fabulous front yard:

  • Add flowers and plants for color.
  • Be sure to trim any weeds along the walkway.
  • When planting shrubs, flowers, and trees, consider the climate and soil conditions.
  • Keep in mind the amount of sunlight the area offers.
  • Landscaping that requires little or no water to maintain could be desirable depending on the geographic area.

The hardscape

The hardscape consists of the non-living components of landscaping. This includes the porch, patio, and deck. A good idea to create a pleasing walk from the car to the door is to add paving stones. They add color and texture, and they are much more interesting than plain old concrete.

The backyard

The backyard is just as important as the front yard. While it’s not the first thing that potential      homebuyers will see, they will eventually head out onto the backyard to have a look. Any entrances and paths to the back yard should be spruced up. Be sure to get any patios, decks, or porches looking good and up to date. Lawn furniture is a great addition to backyards, as is a porch swing or hammock. You want to transform your backyard into a relaxing and inviting space.

Landscaping is a great way to draw buyers in and add value to your home. To assist you in pricing your home to sell, you can get a free home valuation report from Neighborhood IQ and find out what your home is really worth.

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