Content Marketing Tips to Turbocharge Your Startup

So you have a startup business – Congratulations! The next thing you should do is to create some buzz about your startup company and get it on the radar of your prospects. So how do you achieve this? The cheapest and most effective way is through content marketing.

startupHere, we’ll give you the best content marketing tips to turbocharge your startup.

Define your audience

The first thing you need to do before you start writing your content is to know who your audience is. For instance, are you targeting business execs, teenagers or the working class? You need to be very clear regarding who you will be addressing. This ensures that you are communicating to your audience in the right way. Once you have determined the kind of clients that you will be targeting, it will be much easier for you to tailor your startup’s voice to this demographic. Also, it helps you ensure that your language suits the right ears.

Make use of professional writers

You’ll need a seasoned writer to get the best of your efforts. Business and sales writing is very critical but often gets overlooked because people think it’s easy. The truth, however, is that not just any writer has what it takes to deliver a great piece. The person you hire to write content for you should be able to put themselves in the shoes of your potential client. They should know what your clients are searching for, and come up with great content which caters to the searches.

Set measurable goals

The yardstick to measuring the awesomeness of your content is getting people to actually read it. If the content cannot achieve this, then it’s a waste of resources and time. To ensure that your content does what it is intended to do, set goals that are measurable for it. Your goals could include things such as getting a specific number of newsletter signing by a set period of time, or even targeting a specific volume of traffic to your website. Regularly check in to ensure that your content is enabling you to meet the set goals. It’s very important to ensure that the goals you have set are realistic.

Nurture consistency

Being a startup, it is possible that you are still trying to figure out your brand, style and message. Over time, ensure that your content is able to align itself with your brand. Your content should be consistent to the extent that it looks like it has been written from same entity, which is your organization. It is important that your content showcases consistency throughout.

Double-check your work

There is nothing more off-putting than giving your clients poorly written and grammatically incorrect content. Before you publish your content to the web, make sure that it is perfect. Have it looked by as many people as possible. Ideally, you should have a marketing editor as part of your team.

Content marketing is a startup’s best friend. Not only is it much cheaper compared to other forms of marketing but it is also very effective. For you to get the most of your content marketing, it is very important to adhere to certain strategies. These include determining your audience, thoroughly proofreading your work, building consistency to align the content with your brand and setting goals that are measurable.

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