4 Trends to Watch in Real Estate Technology

The real estate sector accounts for nearly 60 percent of the worldā€™s mainstream assets, out of which 75 percent belongs to the residential sector. Yet, this huge market has been one of the later ones to adopt innovative technologies. The real estate industry has been a rather silent participant of technological transformation for almost four […]

How to Evaluate an Opportunity Zone with the Right Property Data

Opportunity zones are front and center in the real estate industry. Propmodo.com recently announced regulatory intelligence – which includes the defining of opportunity zones –Ā as one of the biggest trends impacting the real estate environment in 2019. Opportunity zones across the U.S. offer investors one more factor to consider when assessing the best strategies for […]

The real estate web APIs race is on

After a span of slow adoption of APIs in real estate, there seems to be a turning point in the industry. This is good news for tech-conscious brokers, their vendors, and the MLSs who have long known that Web APIs offer more secure, more modern and faster way to manage data in the real estate […]

5 PropTech Predictions for the Rest of 2019

With just 4 months into 2019, PropTech’s impact on how real estate is used, bought, developed, managed and invested is exploding. Here are 5 predictions of what will be most popular in the PropTech industry for the rest of 2019. Disruption will give way to innovation The real estate market remains keen on more innovation […]

Why Is The Gap Between Owner and Appraiser Home Value Opinions Widening?

The average American homeowner thinks their home is appreciating faster than appraisers do. Appraisal values in January were an average of 0.47 percent lower than what homeowners estimated, according the national Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index (HPPI). January was the third consecutive month in which the gap between these data points widened from the […]

Is it a race against the clock? A mortgage refinancing spree is here

Some 2.43 million homeowners can reduce their mortgage interest rate by refinancing, according to a recent mortgageĀ reportĀ by Black Knight, a mortgage data and analytics company. One such way to do this is through cash-out refinancing, an increasingly popular way for homeowners to draw equity from their homes while lowering their interest rate. Refi applications have […]

Cash-out mortgage refinancing: Hereā€™s where homeowners are using it most

Homeowners who snagged a low-interest rate mortgage in recent years have a big incentive to avoid refinancing the loan because interest rates are higher now. When they need a large amount of cash, though, some homeowners are turning to cash-out refinancing ā€” even if it means giving up a lower rate in the process. In […]

Are lenders more likely to say yes in 2019 to refinancing applications?

Itā€™s easier to qualify to refinance If you tried and failed to refinance in the past, 2019 might be your year to qualify to refinance. Lenders are allowing higher debt-to-income ratios Average credit scores for approved loans are falling Down payments/equity are lower All of these things are good if you plan to buy a […]

Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

For any business to experience success, marketing of goods or services plays an essential role. Marketing will help a business to be identified by prospective clients. Effective marketing often results in increased sales. Real estate agents have to come up with excellent ways of marketing their real estate products that will ensure least amount of […]

Hot Real Estate Trends | You Should Follow To Become Successfull

Like any other global market, real estate is a market that has experienced many ups and downs in the last decade. From the 2008 downfall to 2015’s booming prices, no one can predict with 100% accuracy what 2016 will be like. However, like in any other market, real estate specialists from all major markets around […]