Cash-Out Or Cash-In: Which Refinance Should You Get?

Mortgage rates went up marginally during the last few months. Still, rates are low enough to consider refinancing. Rates may go up in the coming months, so if you are planning to refinance now is the time to submit your application. When you refinance, basically you have got three options. Most borrowers refinance for the […]

Attention Real Estate Agents! Are You Prepared?

The housing sector is witnessing very positive signs of recovery. Renewed customer interest is catalyzing more mortgaging, refinancing, and house buying queries. However, this doesn’t mean that every business unit is flourishing. Are you really prepared to survive and thrive in the current marketplace? What are we talking about? Do you have a unique product? […]

Direct Consumer Benefits with Big Data

As customers share more data about their home buying decisions, their social conversations and online browsing patterns gain more value. However, they shouldn’t feel threatened. This kind of data tracking pays back in the form of better packaged products. For instance, people with slightly improved credit performance in the recent past are now being re-looked […]

How to Improve the Chances of Your Home Getting Sold

Sellers have a tough time coming to terms with the fact that their home didn’t sell during the first listing period. Don’t lose heart if your listing fails! Even when the market is super-hot, roughly 1 in 4 home listings don’t get sold during the first listing period. Generally speaking, lower end properties have higher […]

The Psychology of Real Estate Investment

Despite the hammering dealt by recessionary trends, real estate has continued to be a preferred investment zone for some investors. Buying preferences and home ownerships dynamics have witnessed many changes in the recent past. However, some individuals will always have a penchant for owning more than they need. Here, we would like to concentrate our […]