People who flip homes frequently might have moved into a new home before selling their old one. In this case, they will have to show an empty house to potential buyers. Will that affect the chances of the property getting sold? Should the seller keep the home furnished during the listing period? If the home remains empty, will it be possible to get a good price?

If you are the proud owner of an empty house, you may have many more questions. While these are all legitimate doubts, real estate agents believe that selling an empty house isn’t difficult. However, you should do a few things to make your home ready for showings. Selling an empty house will not be difficult if you take the right steps.

First of all, when buyers take a look at your home, they must not get the impression that it has been neglected. This is very important. Here are a few tips to improve the appearance of your empty house:

Give your walls a makeover

A fresh coat of paint will greatly improve the appearance of your home. It will remove stains from the walls and correct minor cosmetic flaws. It will also make the home look well-maintained. That is exactly what buyers want.

While painting your walls, forget about your personal preferences. You might like garish colors, but the buyer may not have the same tastes. Choose neutral colors in light shades. They are a safe bet. Another advantage of choosing lighter shades is that they will make the rooms look larger.

Enhance the curb appeal

A well-maintained garden will easily enhance the external appearance of your home. Don’t let your plants die in your absence. If you don’t have the time to tend to them, you should get someone to do it. Also remove all those unsightly structures in the yard.

Keep your fixtures in working condition

Your light fixtures must be in working condition. If there are lights that do not work, replace them promptly. Fix all visible flaws, even if they aren’t serious. Even minor fixes can increase the curb appeal of your home.

Keep it dust-free

If the home is empty, dust will easily accumulate on the floor. Don’t forget to sweep the floors before buyers walk in. Also dust the counters and surfaces. The insides of the cabinets, too, need to be cleaned. Potential buyers might look at them.

Have your floor plan close at hand

Empty homes look larger than they are. So buyers may have difficulty figuring out the actual size of the rooms. If visitors request a floor map, you should be able to give it. You must at least know the dimensions of the rooms.

Get the price right

Your home is as valuable as comparable homes in the neighborhood. Just because it has been lying empty, it is not worth any less. You must have decided on a competitive selling price before listing the home. Ask your agent if you can’t find the right price. They should know the sales price of comparable homes in the locality.

You should also get an evaluation report. When you have a report prepared by a competent professional, you will be able to negotiate with a buyer who is attempting to lower the price.


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