Most home sellers hire a realtor to help them sell their home. However, when there are hundreds of realtors in your area, you will probably have a tough time figuring out whom to choose. Remember that many so called real estate agents are inexperienced fellows looking to make some quick bucks. You can’t trust them with your listing, and hence you should do your homework.

So what are the things you need to consider when choosing a listing agent?


Ask the realtor how long they have been working as a real estate agent. Many people assume that the real estate industry is their shortcut to make some quick money. Needless to say, several people who have a few hours to spare now work as real estate agents. But these folks won’t be around one or two years later. When you choose a listing agent, make sure that they have at least 4 years of experience in this industry.

What methods do they use to promote your listing?

Ask the agent what methods they use to promote your listing. Your listing should receive maximum exposure and hence using the most effective methods of advertising is crucial.

Almost all real estate agents use MLS to promote the listings. While this is an effective way to get your listing noticed by potential buyers, it isn’t the only way to promote your listing. Nowadays more than 80% of home buyers look up properties online. In fact, only around 33% buyers use MLS as their main source of listings. So ask your agent whether they will advertise your listing online. If they don’t, you had better look elsewhere.

Is the agent successful?

A successful agent will sell several homes in a year. Ask the agent how many homes they sold last year. If they only managed to sell a couple of listings, they probably aren’t that successful and you will have to find a more experienced agent. On the flip side, some successful agents are always working for 15 – 20 sellers. If you choose one of them, you can’t expect them to devote a lot of time to promote your listing.

Does the agent have a commendable online presence?

A realtor serious about their craft will definitely have a website. The number of people who search online for properties is steadily on the rise. When their customers are online, the agents also need to be online. And yet several agents do not have a web site. Many of them don’t even have a Facebook page. Stay away from them. If they don’t have an online presence, you can’t expect them to promote your listing online.

Is this their full time occupation?

In many states, a realtor can pursue other careers as well. When you choose a realtor, make sure that real estate is their only profession. This ensures commitment.

Is the agent readily accessible?

Many realtors have a ‘team’ working for them and most of the time you will be dealing with one of the team members. You will probably never get to the talk to the realtor. This doesn’t help. They should be easily accessible. If problems arise, you should be able to directly talk to them.


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