Revive The Loan Opportunities Hidden in Your CRM

Just because a mortgage lead didn’t fund. Doesn’t mean it’s dead.

iLeads knows which leads to bring back to life. Now you can too…

Leveraging the data in your CRM, matched with the Revive AI-driven property, title, mortgage, valuation and loan suggestion engine, we mine your leads to pinpoint:

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    If the borrower is likely to still be in market
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    What the best fit loans are for each lead

By verifying and appending every lead in your CRM with 270+ data elements, we find the leads in your CRM that are still opportunities, so you know exactly which leads to work – now!

Find out how to bring your mortgage leads back to life…

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    What Are You Missing?
    Revive Analyzes
    • Current Title Holder

    • Current Interest Rate

    • Benefit in BPS to the Borrower

    • Current Loan Status

    • AVM Value

    • Current LTV

    • Property Characteristics

    • Sale History and Price

    • All Liens

    • Lien History

    • Originating Lender

    • Loan Type

    Revive’s analytics use all of that additional never before available data, to analyze and separate current opportunities from dead leads. Finally, Revive will categorize all of your leads into suggested loan types based on our exclusive loan suggestion engine:

    • VA Streamline

    • VA Cashout

    • FHA Streamline

    • FHA MI Elimination

    • Conventional

    • Reverse

    • HELOC / Cash Out

    • ARM

    • Jumbo

    • And much more

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