Much of what you have heard about content marketing and social media is wrong.  Let’s explore the myths about them:

Myth 1: Your customers aren’t social enough

Data revealed by Pew Internet project shows that over 70 percent of adult Americans who use the internet use social media sites. Nearly 43% of adult Americans aged 65 or above also use social media. What’s more, about 70% households in the US have access to cable television. So, is it still possible that your target audience is not using social networking sites? Even if they don’t use social media for business, they are still using it in some capacity and that makes socially important.

Myth 2: You can’t measure the success of your social media campaigns

People assume that the success of their social media campaigns cannot be measured, but that is not true. Social is measurable. You just need to use the right metrics. Of course, there is no magic button for measuring the success of social campaigns.

Myth 3: Social media is about attracting new customers

Well, not really. Most people you are interacting with on social media are your existing customers. A research conducted by DDB found that almost 85% people who like a company’s Facebook fan page are either their former or current customers. This makes social a game of loyalty.

Myth 4: You shouldn’t respond to negative comments

While social media is not about making every unhappy customer happy, it is a great platform to showcase your brand as caring and listening. Of course, you can’t possibly make every customer happy. You must still answer every comment – negative or positive. And you have to do it promptly.

Myth 5: Social is going to kill email

Social won’t kill email. After all, you can’t sign up for these social networks without an email address. Email has been and will always be an important online marketing tool. It allows you to send periodic newsletters to your loyal fans. Interestingly, that is exactly what social media does. It, too, allows you to connect with your audience through regular status updates. Remember that social media and email are complementary marketing tactics. One can’t replace the other 

Myth 6: Your company’s social media channels are your biggest assets

Your company’s social media accounts are not your most valuable social properties. If you add up the social connections of a company’s employees, it is easy to see that they exceed the connections of the official company accounts. In order to fully leverage the potential of social media, you need to encourage your employees to create a significant presence on social media.

Myth 7: Only great content works

Content is the main key. Of course, you have heard this umpteen times. But on social media, polished as well as less polished content seem to work fine. Any content that addresses specific questions/concerns of your customers should be regarded as useful content.

Myth 8: Social media is different from content marketing

On the other hand, they complement one another. You can use social media to create awareness about your content. When content and social media work very closely together, you will be able to reap rich dividends.

Myth 9: Content marketing is all about your services and products

This is another myth. Of course, your content marketing efforts should focus on your services and products. It should be related to your brand, but it doesn’t have to be 100 percent about your brand.

Myth 10: Content overdose will spoil your social media efforts

Too much content is not such a bad thing. That said, you are not supposed to bombard your fans with numerous status updates. But as a general rule, the content doesn’t hurt your social media efforts.

Myth 11: Social media is different from B2B

Social media isn’t much different from B2B. Of course in B2B you employ different tactics. But irrespective of what you are selling, content and customer loyalty are important factors.

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