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Ever get the feeling that you are buying the same lead no matter who you get it from?


"I thought I was going to get a free iPod?!"

Let's face it, incentivized leads stink. You deserve clients that are looking for your help. Don't waste your time with leads that are generated with false or incentive based tactics. We deliver clients that are genuinely interested in the services you provide - not a freebie gift.


I have trouble contacting my new clients.

We provide you with easy to use data solutions that enable you to check the most important financial aspects of your new client’s life. What kind of real assets does your client own, and what are they trying to protect.


Getting your fair shot... and more sales!

“I’ve already spoke to 8 people, no thanks.” Sound familiar? Your client has been bombarded with multiple phone calls and emails before you even had a chance to help them. Would you buy a Hamburger that had been sold 8 times? Don’t settle for leads that are oversold by big lead shops.


What makes a lead a client?

We believe that to turn a lead into a client, you have to get to know what the client needs are. At iLeads.com, we are the only provider that can give you detailed background information on your new client. Information that you can use to discover new opportunities, and new sales. That's why we deliver clients, not leads.

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