Social Media is still a new concept. Companies and organizations have been using social media to help market their products and services and to build their public image. However, the real estate market has only begun to dip their toes into the social media forefront.

Many companies and organizations think that by simply being on social media, they can impact sales. With more and more companies becoming a part of social media, this thought has quickly been proven wrong. If companies create an unenthusiastic social media page, the results will be unsuccessful. Yet, if realtors approach social media with an open mind the results will include increased sales and a loyal following of clients.

To help realtors with the social media there are a few approaches to improve marketing efforts:

Provide Useful Information

As a realtor, educating potential buyers on the ins and outs of the industry. Showing potential buyers that you understand the market and the buyers needs will build buyer confidence. Make sure to include industry information that can be useful to buyers looking for a place to rent or buy. Business information can include, mortgage rates, highest and lowest rent rates available in an area, new industry developments that impact buyers, along with interior design ideas. By making your social media page unique will be helpful to buyers and will build trust.

Use the Right Tools

Do not simply create an account and wait. Create a Facebook and LinkedIn page for yourself immediately if you do not have one. Websites can highlight your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest Pages. Creates links to your pages builds traffic as long as they are used and updated frequently. These features are crucial to your social media success. Use the tools your website and social media pages provide.

Be Creative

Provide your buyers with creative content that will keep your buyer engaged with you making them want to leave positive feedback and become a positive reference. Provide your potential buyers with new decorating ideas, cheap homes, expensive homes, things that you may think are interesting. Engage in your potential buyers interests. Are they interested in gardening? If so, give the buyers gardening ideas or ideas about where to grow their garden. Are they car enthusiasts? Find them a home with a great garage to secure the things they care about. There are a lot of topics that impact housing and home sales, even though they are not directly linked.

Creating a social media presence with these factors in mind will establish your name and business as an authority. Social media will help people learn about you as a realtor along with learning about the possible listings available in the market.

Social media is a networking avenue that takes time to develop. When clients and potential buyers are ready to list and/or buy they will be more likely to use your services because of the quality information you have provided over time. People may use social media to contact you for realtor services thus growing your business.


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