Property Data On 99+% Of U.S. Homes

170+ Million Internet Leads – Appended and Monitored

Two Unique Data Sources - Millions of Possibilities

We’ve always been more than just a lead company. In fact, since 2001, we’ve used title and property data in our lead / customer acquisition processes to help our customers know more about THEIR customers.  In fact every lead that we touch is appended and enhanced with our public record based property data in order to better understand the consumer’s position.

Today we offer a variety of options to help our clients use this same world class national real property data to to create smart products for multiple business needs. Continually updated title, lien, tax, valuation sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics and much more on over 99% of the U.S. population.  Click here to learn more about our public record property data.

Big Data Is In Our DNA

Add our public record data set to our database of Internet leads, and you have targeting for  income, net worth, mortgage lending, insurance, home service, and many, many other options without the issues surrounding credit based scoring.

150 + Million Properties

3,142 U.S. Counties

10 Million Leads Appended / Mo.

170+ Million Leads Monitored

Interested in licensing our platforms for your use?

Our Data Services

Three Options To Extend Your Reach

  • Licensing

    Our Licensing Solutions allow our customers to make use of a multi sourced data set to create their own solutions.

    With up to date real property data covering over 150 million U.S. households, and Licensing Solutions, what will you create ?

  • Data API

    The Data API Package allows for you to build plug and play web services that communicate with the Data Warehouse in real-time.

    With API access to our world class property, lending data and analytics, your web application or site will generate results!

  • Match and Append

    Our Match and Append services can enhance your existing data with the most current real property data accurately, and with very short turn times.

    Improve your data quality by using our Match and Append data to your existing dataset today.

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Whatever Industry You Target

Our Data Resources Will Drive More ROI





Digital Marketing Is Our Specialty

Gain insight with homeowner and property intelligence to know your clients better and more effectively target your campaigns. Combine homeowner and property data, to support your direct marketing needs with our unique Internet lead data set and proprietary analytics.

Success Is An API Call Away

Our API’s are the only platform of their kind that offers instant access to either 150+ million properties, or 170+ million consumers. What’s more, our Data API’s give you the ability to use both property as well as lien / valuation and demographics characteristics, to ensure that you have just the right consumer prospect for your application or website.

Partner With Us Today

Real Estate Property Data and Internet Leads…Two data sources that are in our DNA.  Let us show you what is possible with the power of consumer direct response leads, combines with our expertise utilizing data to create unique solutions.  With current up to date real property data, as well consumer input Internet leads, the possibilities are endless.

We’re far from just lead company

Offering our client’s unparalleled value and convenience for their customer acquisition strategies since 1996.

We’ll show you what 69,765+ past and current clients already know about…Success!

  • Licensing

    With up to date real property data covering over 150 million U.S. households, and Licensing Solutions, what will you create ?

  • API Solutions

  • Match and Append

    Improve your data quality by using our Match and Append data to your existing dataset today.

150+ million homeowners. 99% of the U.S. residential population. Give us a call today at (877) 245-3237 and let us help you leverage our world class data library to build a custom solution for you.

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