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& Collateral Data

The Perfect Ingredients of the Best Internet Mortgage Leads
  • 680 and Above Credit Customers
  • Access the High Credit Scored Leads You Need Now That Interest Rates are Low
  • Benefit from Credit Leads Collaterally Matched with Property & Homeowner Data
  • Gain Mortgage Lead Super Powers! You Won’t Find Mortgage Leads Matched with this Depth & Accuracy of Credit & Collateral Data Anywhere Else)


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    Credit + Collaterally Enhanced Internet Leads = Winning Results
    Choose Credit Appending or Credit Triggers

    Credit Appended Mortgage (Internet) Leads

    What You Get: These precisely targeted leads are both collaterally enhanced drawing from over 271 current property data elements as well as credit scored to your guidelines.

    The Details: Mortgage Lenders ready to make a firm offer of credit leverage these Internet Generated + Credit appended leads to gain a full and precise view of prospects who were once active in pursing a mortgage but have yet to commit.

    Benefit: These are the precision-targeted leads you need to turn marketing inquiries into funded mortgage loans with confidence.

    Collateral + Credit Triggered (Internet) Mortgage Leads

    What You Get: Highly motivated leads resulting from a consumer applying for a loan online, AND having their credit pulled. Phone and email contact are available!

    The Details: Reach out to recently active mortgage shoppers who agreed to have their credit pulled.iLeads combines that data insight with collateral screening, as well as the distinct advantage of having access to the lead’s contact phone and email for immediate contact.

    Benefit: You’ll quickly know which mortgage shoppers to contact based on collateral, credit and personal contact information. Reaching and closing the Right leads has never been easier!

    Fund More with The Best Leads

    Your leads are now way more than a form fill. They are collateral reviewed AND credit enhanced. Leads don’t get better than this. Just keep in mind: The iLeads credit leads require that lenders follow FCRA firm offer rules.

    Industry News & Trends

    Right now, a high credit score can mean getting up to 83 basis points shaved off your mortgage interest rate compared to people with lower scores. It’s a gap that is widening as the pandemic grinds on and credit standards for borrowers tighten –, 5/5/2020

    We’re only seeing near-all-time low rates for the most ideal scenarios. The cost of imperfection remains extremely elevated by historical standards. As the loan industry sees it, a perfect mortgage scenario is one with a very small loan to value ratio (LTV), very high FICO, no cash being taken out… – Mortgage News Daily, 5/4/2020

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