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In 1996, we were founded as an internet based lead generation company, but our real story begins in 2001.

In 2001, we were acquired by First American Title (NYSE: FAF), and with that acquisition, we began to use public record data sources in lead generation.

In 2010, we were spun out as a separate public company, (CoreLogic – NYSE: CLGX) with a focus entirely on customer acquisition using real property data for lending, real estate, insurance, and home services industries.

Today iLeads.com (as a private company) has offerings in Customer Acquisition, Lead Analytics, Intelligent Web Properties and Data Solutions.   We carry multi sourced public records data covering over 150 million U.S. homes, in 3,142 counties and encompassing over 99+% of the population.  We’ve served over 70,090 clients since inception of the company in 1996.

Questions?  Please call us at 877-245-3237 or we’ll be happy to call you.  For press inquiries please contact press@ileads.com.

Founding Members

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Drew has been involved with startups his entire life, and he knows a thing or two about longstanding success. He built iLeads.com from the ground up in the mid 1990s, during a time when the Internet was young and promising and the competition was tight. 19+ years later, iLeads.com thrives as a seasoned brand. Some of ...

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Jason loves going to work. How many people can honestly say that? He is half of the two-man management team of iLeads.com, and he certainly knows a thing or two about innovation and focused success. After years of utilizing his talents at various niches, he joined Drew in growing iLeads.com, which was then a young, Internet-only lead ...

We’ve Built Smart Products and Solutions

Since 1996

Some people laugh when we say that we’ve been here since the dawn of the Internet!

Having been in business so long, we can be proud that we have continually grown through several recessions, two acquisitions by publicly traded companies, and several U.S. Presidents.

Along the way we’ve created really smart products that help our clients create their new clients!

Interested in becoming a customer?  Click here to contact us, or call us directly at (877) 245-3237 today.

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