Jonah Landman’s blog, BK to the Fullest, offers a housing market commentary for brownstone-laden Brooklyn, where the number of homes for sale is low and the prices are high. House hunting in Brooklyn has to be “ferocious and fast”, Mr. Landman notes or the “unicorns”, or deals that are too good to pass up, will be gone. While his blog is a commentary on this unique housing market, he also includes notices of properties that are not as easily found as those offered by the big brokerage companies in the area (the Ellimans, the Halsteads, and the Corcorans). This is what sets him apart and keeps his readership high.

Finds Those Deals That Are Hard To Catch

He finds listings that are not listed on websites like StreetEasy, which he first offers to his clients or “platinum members” that are looking for a deal. While he is not a broker, he is serving as a consultant to clients who pay him $200 an hour (with a 10-hour minimum) for things such as strategy on bidding and on the history of properties that he has found. He aids clients from the first time buyer to the experienced investor to find those “unicorns” in the speedy selling market of Brooklyn.

He has just been publishing BK to the Fullest for three years, but, in this time, has become a major player in the Brooklyn housing market for buyers who are looking for deals and for small brokers who need to market their listings. His relationship as a consultant is a symbiotic one that has allowed him to create a business niche that doesn’t take away from the smaller broker or their commissions (they still collect their entire commission).

Often he discovers properties simply by spotting “For Sale” signs posted in a window, but more often than not, a seller’s broker gives him a tip. These tactics have allowed him to create a connection between hundreds of sellers and buyers to allow even the most inexperienced of buyers to find those deals that are out there.

Offers Service To Homebuyers And Brokers

While he acknowledges that his consulting methods may fall into a legal gray area, as far as The New York Department of State, there have not been any complaints against Landman or his methods. A representative did say, “If anyone collects a fee or commission by effecting or negotiating the sale of real estate property in New York State, that person would need to be licensed as a real estate broker.” Mr. Landman asserts that his role in the process does not cross the line of simply connecting a client to a listing. He only helps frustrated buyers get a leg up on the competition.

According to The New York Times, Mr. Landman’s clients have nothing but good things to say about his service, stating that he offers a better way for people to not only find listings, but in offering information as far as bidding and about the backgrounds of the homes. Whatever the reason for his success, Mr. Landman has turned his own experiences in the Brooklyn housing market into a well-read blog and then into a full-time occupation. Thinking outside of the box offered him a job that he loves and a service that his clients and brokers appreciate.

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