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How to Control Home Saleability Factors

Real estate markets can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes it’s a buyer’s market and at other times sellers rule the roost. Whatever is the scenario, when you want to sell your home, you cannot simply relax, sit back and wait for the ideal buyer to drop into your lap.

To get the price you desire, you need to try making your home as “sellable” as possible. It’s important that the house looks great from the exterior as well as from within. But there are other saleability factors that need to be considered as well.

Fortunately, some of these factors are controllable. To get the right price for your home, here are some tips regarding saleability factors.

The condition of the property

We’ve seen buyers being put off by poorly maintained homes, even when they’re available at bargain rates. The golden rule to make a great home sale transaction is maintenance. It’s crucial to ensure your home is maintained to the tee in all respects. A home in fabulous condition is more likely to secure a fantastic sale price.

Try to make your home as clutter-free as possible. Get rid of anything unnecessary and unsightly. Make sure everything looks neat and well-serviced and functions as it’s meant to. When home buyers see a house that’s well looked after, they’re likely to go for it even if it’s slightly higher priced. They know they’ll not have to invest much in terms of time and money for its maintenance later.


Difficult terms translate into difficulty in purchasing. Your home will sell faster if you offer good terms, for example an incentive in the form of an offer to pay closing costs. Another thing that is likely to attract buyers is the provision of a home inspection report. By offering better terms, you’ll be able to reach out to a larger market.


To better your chances of making a home sale, you need to consider your buyer’s needs. Try to keep yourself as flexible as possible.

An important saleability factor is readiness to move out. If potential buyers understand that you’re prepared to hand over the home and move out quickly, your home will appear more appealing to them.

Extras and upgrades

This is probably one of the most important saleability aspects. This could involve major things like kitchen renovations and upgrading windows or smaller things like a fresh coat of paint.

Though some renovations appeal to buyers, they might not be considered as value additions. Renovations involving décor are often subjective to taste. Try to keep renovations as neutral and practical as possible to add to the appeal of your home.


Though buyers have many criteria in mind when they settle for a home, price is often the most deciding one. If you quote an appropriate price for your property, you have better chances of closing the deal quickly.

It’s best to do some research before setting the price. Compare the prices of recently sold and recently listed homes in and around your area. Once you have an understanding of the sales market, you can arrive at a realistic and appropriate price for your home.


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