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Five House Marketing Tips That Will Fetch You a Good Price

Real estate agents claim that the fastest selling houses have more to do with good marketing than their features. It might seem like an exaggeration, but it does have a grain of truth in it. Marketing plays a big role in how fast you sell your house, and how much do you get for it. Selling a house fast is crucial in the housing market. The longer your house stays in the market, the less you will get for it.

There are a few exceptions where homeowners have been able to get a good asking price even after keeping it in the market for long, but these cases are just a few. The importance of good marketing in house selling cannot be overlooked. In this article, we are going to describe four essential house marketing tips and how they can help you sell your house fast and for a good price:

An image is worth a thousand words.

Nine out of ten buyers go online when they are looking for a new house. The photographs you have uploaded on the internet are their first encounter with your house. If the photographs are blurry, unclear, dark, or showing a bad side of your house (cluttered rooms, untidy kitchen sink etc.), they will leave a bad impression on the buyer.

Secretive might look sinister.

When there are a million other homes available to buyers, they need a strong reason to choose yours. Secrecy does not help. Withholding important information may drive the buyers away. You should tell the buyer what makes your house unique, and focus on the positive aspects – high quality construction materials, location, and other features.

Agents are not a nuisance.

Agents make a lot of money from each deal they seal. You may envy them. You may think they are a nuisance and therefore be reluctant on hiring them. This is not a good business strategy. Hiring an agent will bring you exposure, and therefore faster sales. An agent will use his market knowledge to fetch you the best price.

Print advertising still matters.

The internet may have changed the world of advertising. Google may be the king of the new mode of advertising but it still has only a minuscule presence in traditional advertising. Newspapers, magazines, and other print media still matters. Ignore them and you will miss on a lot of buyers. Go for online advertising, but don’t forget the offline one. Try to advertise in Sunday and Saturday evening papers.

Offer some buyer incentives.

With the internet so ubiquitous, buyers can find the value of a house with the few clicks of a mouse. They can find an online home value report for a house after filling in a few criteria. If there is more than one house selling for the same amount, you need to offer the buyers some incentive to buy your home. You can advertise a buy-down mortgage interest rate, pre-paid homeowner association fees for a fixed period, a home protection plan, or other offers.

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