• What Does Big Data Mean for Realtors?

    You may be planning to buy some investment property, but you’re not sure of the upcoming market conditions. What if you could mine the data of last 10 years and focus on the most favorable properties? Isn’t that amazing? That […]

  • Refinancing Options for Borrowers of Different Age Groups

    Mortgages should be treated as a part of your investment and retirement portfolio, provided you can manage them smartly. We will help you evaluate your mortgage strategy and undertake the best practices. Younger Borrowers—why take the long, fixed-rate route? The […]

  • Big Data is Here to Stay, So Let the Transformation Begin

    Market challenges have evolved in the last decade, making businesses apprehensive about adopting new tools. However, frontline managers are quickly realizing the power of big data and analytics to improve their decision making and to drive more profits. The mortgage […]

  • What Documents are Required for Refinancing?

    While applying for a refinance, you have to submit a lot of documents, including your income tax returns, statements of income, credit card statements and documents pertaining to other assets and debts you have. You might find the process of […]

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