• A Refinancing Reality Check

    Interest rates are dipping, engaging the attention of a lot of homeowners. Refinancing at this juncture is appealing to a lot of them. Yes, refinancing can save you a lot of money, provided you don’t get misled and adopt the […]

  • What Skills are Associated with Big Data Scientists?

    With big data emerging as a necessity to survive in the current real estate marketplace, businesses are trying to understand the kind of skills associated with good big data professionals. However, only the bigger companies are spending on developing their […]

  • Reinsurance Rates: Progressive Downfall Stimulates Industry Changes

    Reinsurance rates had started to dip last year and it seems the trend will continue . In recent months, the dip has been clearly visible, across the nation, with more insurance companies employing better, refined models. The Current Trending, Explained […]

  • Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

    Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. This is a market that businesses are discovering and definitely should not be ignored. Yet most businesses- including real estate businesses- do not understand how to use Facebook to benefit their company. […]

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