Social Media

  • What You Can Learn From the Way Teens Use Social Media

    If you really want to understand the future of digital technology or its impact on our society, you just need to observe the way youngsters communicate with one another. You might think that you are quite good at using social […]

  • Google Hummingbird – Changing Long Tail Searches

    We’d like to focus this article on Google Hummingbird and Google’s endeavors at changing the way they handle long tail searches. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, long tail search refers to a search term that contains 3 […]

  • Keep Yourself Updated with Social Media Trends Emerging in 2014

    Social media continues to enthrall us with its fast-changing dynamics. It has always shown new trends each year and the same is expected in 2014. Here, we will talk about trends most likely to emerge and persist in 2014. Social […]

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