Social Media

  • Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Small business owners typically operate with constricted budgets. Consequently, this minimizes the number of options available for creating impactful marketing campaigns. Larger brands can afford to set up multiple custom applications and promotions on social media without difficulty, and from […]

  • Fundamentals of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Social media can be considered the Wild West of marketing. It offers plenty of opportunities for small businesses, yet there’s still little information about how it really works. Big companies spend billions of dollars every year on social media advertising […]

  • Tips for an Effective Call to Action

    A call to action is an essential element to every website—whether it’s a call to action to fill out a request quote form or contact form, signup for a newsletter, share on social media, register for an event, or schedule […]

  • Measuring Social ROI

    There is no doubting the significance of social media to business owners. But, how much is social media really worth? What quantifiable return does it have on a business? Qualitative measures such as likes, followers, shares, retweets, etc. may not […]

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