• How Proptech Adoption Helps Fuel A Thriving Market

    The real estate industry is facing disruption on two fronts: brokers are getting younger, and technology is changing how business is done. With older professionals retiring and recent grads entering the industry, it’s not surprising that this shift in demographics […]

  • What Are the Most Affordable U.S. Cities for Middle-Class Purchasers?

    In a new report from Redfin, an average family in the San Francisco area would need to nearly triple their annual income to comfortably purchase a median-priced home. In stark contrast, the typical family in Detroit earns more than twice […]

  • 3 Ways To Use Property Data to Target the Most Profitable...

    Your business relies on the quality of your data. Ensuring that you have access to the most comprehensive data on the market allows you to find the information you need to reach your target audiences and drive revenue growth. Here […]

  • How to Evaluate an Opportunity Zone with the Right Property Data

    Opportunity zones are front and center in the real estate industry. recently announced regulatory intelligence – which includes the defining of opportunity zones – as one of the biggest trends impacting the real estate environment in 2019. Opportunity zones across […]

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