Insurance Professionals

  • 5 Reasons Why Employers Should Consider Telecommuting for Employees

    Every serious entrepreneur with several employees considers several factors before deciding to add or reduce the number of employees. Although there are various reasons to do so, one big one is lack of office space. This gives room to think […]

  • Marketing Ideas for Insurance Professionals

    Marketing an insurance company can be one of the toughest things to do. For most customers, buying insurance involves trusting a company with your property, family or even your life. Since a lot is at stake, many people are very […]

  • Setting Up a Productive and Organized Home Office

    Setting up a highly productive, efficient, reliable and perfectly organized home office requires more than just finding a room within your home, throwing in some furniture here and there and locking yourself in to work. It requires articulate planning, design […]

  • Tips for Effective Performance Evaluations

    Generally, many employees dread getting an evaluation/review, and many employers hate giving them as well. Evaluations help to address any concerns and problems before they arise; however, many managers have no training on how to carry them out. Giving employee […]

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