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5 Tips to Make Your Networking More Productive

Networking is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. And when you do it properly, it can be the best lead generator. Want to make networking work for you? Here, we will tell you what you need to do.

Attend events that attract your target audience

Attending events is a great way to meet new business prospects. Just make sure that the events you attend are also attended by your potential clients. If meeting new clients is your goal, you should attend events that are attended by your existing clients. Chances are you will find lots of interesting business prospects there.

Dress appropriately

You should dress and behave like someone ready for business. Dress well. Ideally, your dressing should be a few notches above the standard. Proper dressing will make you look professional. You will also stand out from the rest.

Use ‘hooks’ that encourage people to know more about you

When people ask you what you do, avoid replies like ‘I’m a real estate agent’ or ‘I’m a broker’. Most people will assume that if they continue the conversation, you will try to sell to them. Since not a lot of people enjoy talking with a sales person, they will find some excuse to end the conversation.

This effectively kills your chances of finding a business prompt. While answering questions like these, make sure that your reply clearly explains how people benefit from their association with you. Such a reply will encourage the listener to ask ‘how do you do that?’ This will increase the length of the conversation and you will have greater success at finding new prospects.

Follow up

That is crucial. You met some prospects at an event and you exchanged numbers with them. Now you are eagerly waiting for them to call. Well, that would rarely happen.

You need to follow up. If you met a potential client at an event, you could send them an email saying ‘nice to meet you’. If you run an email newsletter, you will definitely want every one of your prospects to be on your list. During the conversation, ask them if it would be appropriate for you to add them to your list. This technique usually works.

Nurture relationships

Keep in touch with your prospects on a regular basis. Send them interesting and informative messages. Email is undoubtedly the most popular way to communicate with business contacts. It is inexpensive and less intrusive, but remember that everybody receives numerous emails these days and most of these emails don’t even get opened. So, email shouldn’t be your only communication tool. You should also consider making a phone call. The good old snail mail works, too.

Also make good use of social media. It is a great platform to keep in touch with your target audience.

During your conversation with a business contact, try to get to know them personally. Ask a few things about their family and work. Note down these points if you suspect that you will forget them. Remember the names of their children. When you call them a few days or weeks later, you can inquire about their family. This creates a better bond and improves the chances of their doing business with you. Remember that business is now all about building great relationships.

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