Monthly Archives: July 2015

Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

Even though 260 million LinkedIn users may seem a pale comparison to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter users, the importance of LinkedIn in generating leads to businesses can no longer be ignored. As a professional social media platform, using LinkedIn definitely […]

Creating an Effective Call to Action Strategy

In today’s business world, employing a decent marketing strategy is one of the most important issues that business owners must take seriously. More often than not, businesses miss a lot of opportunities by ignoring a highly engaging call to action […]

Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Research has shown that email marketing strategies that are based on voluntary sign ups usually lead to higher conversion rates. Today, email marketing has proven to be much more than a failing strategy for spammers. The idea is to ensure […]

Tips for Effective Performance Evaluations

Generally, many employees dread getting an evaluation/review, and many employers hate giving them as well. Evaluations help to address any concerns and problems before they arise; however, many managers have no training on how to carry them out. Giving employee […]

Mobile Content Marketing: The New King Part 2

On Monday, we explored the world of mobile content marketing in Mobile Content Marketing: The New King. Here is Part 2 of the series: Tips for Mobile Content Marketing Cater content to mobile users The biggest difference between mobile content […]