Monthly Archives: May 2015

How Small Businesses Can Build Their Brand

In order to have a strong brand, your small business does not need to be a world famous. Your brand gives the entire information about your company, what you excel at and the experience that clients have with you. Building […]

How to Effectively Work a Lead

There’s more to leads than generating them. Once you have generated (or purchased) the leads, the work is nearly just beginning. Now you have to work those leads and market them. Anyone can buy leads; it’s what you do with […]

10 Ways for Small Businesses to Generate Leads

Anyone running a small insurance or real estate business is most certainly looking for ways to generate leads. There are more old-fashioned approaches such as newspaper advertisements, and then there are newer tactics such as social media. To get the […]

How to Turn Millennial Renters into Homebuyers

Real estate professionals have the responsibility of educating the millennials on the pros of home ownership. This applies to local agents, realtors and national brokerages. This is the right time to start showing millennials the benefits of owning real estate. […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Direct Mail Marketing...

If you run a lending or insurance business then you’ve probably thought about dozens of marketing methods and techniques, and perhaps you have even implemented a few. Without a specialist’s experience, marketing can be a hit and miss—sometimes you “get […]