Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to Keep Your Real Estate Agents Motivated

Your staff works harder and better when they are motivated. But how do you keep them motivated all the time? Here are some tips: Happy workers result in happy customers Keep your employees happy by providing them the right environment […]

The Home Loan Process Simplified

Buying a home is an exciting time, but the process of actually getting the home loan can be frustrating for many buyers. Between the endless mounds of paperwork and the lack of control you feel, the loan process can be […]

A Refinancing Reality Check

Interest rates are dipping, engaging the attention of a lot of homeowners. Refinancing at this juncture is appealing to a lot of them. Yes, refinancing can save you a lot of money, provided you don’t get misled and adopt the […]

What Skills are Associated with Big Data Scientists?

With big data emerging as a necessity to survive in the current real estate marketplace, businesses are trying to understand the kind of skills associated with good big data professionals. However, only the bigger companies are spending on developing their […]

Reinsurance Rates: Progressive Downfall Stimulates Industry Changes

Reinsurance rates had started to dip last year and it seems the trend will continue . In recent months, the dip has been clearly visible, across the nation, with more insurance companies employing better, refined models. The Current Trending, Explained […]

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. This is a market that businesses are discovering and definitely should not be ignored. Yet most businesses- including real estate businesses- do not understand how to use Facebook to benefit their company. […]

How Does Staging Impact the Sale Price of a Home?

Staging a home for sale has become very popular in the last decade. During the recession real estate professionals began to depend heavily on staging to sell their homes. Convinced that the process increased the sales price and reduced the […]

Provisions in the New Expire Act That May Impact Homeowners

When Ronald Regan revamped the tax code and signed the reform bill in 1986 there were only 14 provisions that had expiration dates. Today that number has grown to 55. These expirations create uncertainly from year to year as to […]

The Value of Modular Homes

Home buyers often do not have a good understanding of home purchasing options and the impact on resale each choice offers. As a result there are many misunderstandings when it comes to home values and which options appreciate in value […]

Should Homeowners Make Extra Mortgage Payments?

It is often recommended that homeowners make additional mortgage payments to pay the loan off early. Online calculators can assist homeowners to doing so. Some mortgage providers allow for payments every two weeks which will result in one additional payment […]