Monthly Archives: January 2014

Convince the Seller That You are the Right Buyer with a...

Now that the economy has started showing signs of recovery, the demand for houses in many markets is on the rise. Interestingly, prospective home buyers are trying every trick in the book to make their offers stand out. Some of […]

6 Reasons to Use Vine and Instagram Videos

Twitter recently launched a new mobile service that allows users to capture and share short videos. Popularly known as Vines, these six second videos are fast emerging as the most popular content marketing tool. Instagram also allows you to share […]

Salvaged Material Use – What You Need to Know

Do you try to make use of salvaged building materials whenever possible? We do too! But it’s important to use them smartly if you wish to enhance the value of your home. Here’s a bit of common sense advice on […]

How to Decide Between Two Homes that You Have Fallen in...

You have immersed yourself heavily in house hunting and then you discover that you are in love with 2 homes and you don’t know which one to choose. In such a situation, don’t be guided by emotion. Instead, let reason […]

Tips on Launching a Product Using Social Media

Are you ready to launch a product? Why not use social media channels to spread the word? Social media has significantly changed the way brands market their products. As a platform that brings marketers and consumers together, social media has […]

Freshen up Your Home with These Organization Apps

Most of us have many little projects all over our houses awaiting attention. There are things needing fixing, cleaning and moving. Other stuff needs to be sold, put away in boxes or tossed out. We’ve listed some useful apps that […]

Is It Better to Buy a New Home or an Older...

It always pays to be extra particular when it comes to selecting a home to buy. After all, this is one of the biggest investments in the lives of most people. We come across many buyers who face a huge […]

Guidelines to Advertising on Social Media

As a small business owner, you may not find it easy to navigate the somewhat complex structure of the social media advertising arena. It doesn’t make sense to hop on to the social media bandwagon because you’ve heard about other […]

Keeping Your Home Safe for Children

We think a dream home is one that is essentially a safe place for everyone – old and young. From a grownup viewpoint, almost everything in a home looks perfect. But it’s important to have another, especially if you have […]

Creative Solutions to Help Close a Real Estate Deal

Often buyers and sellers come very close but something prevents them from signing the deal. They may make numerous offers and counter offers and still they may not able to agree on a price. The buyer may want the seller […]