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9 Things You Must Not Do After Getting a Loan Preapproved

Buying a home can be a reason for excitement, but that is no excuse for neglecting your finances. This is a mistake many prospective home buyers often commit. They may have a pre-approved home loan, but they often forget that […]

Top Home Design Trends for 2014

Homeowners and home buyers who want to keep up on the latest home design trends will see many great new trends this year. Those who want the home of their dreams desire styles that reflect their affluent tastes. They also […]

What is Affecting Your Home Insurance Premiums?

Shopping around for homeowners insurance can be quite a challenge. Multiple insurers can quiz you regarding many things and you can then get multiple quotes.  You know that the right way to proceed is to make detailed comparisons before a […]

Popular Content Marketing and Social Media Myths

Much of what you have heard about content marketing and social media is wrong.  Let’s explore the myths about them: Myth 1: Your customers aren’t social enough Data revealed by Pew Internet project shows that over 70 percent of adult […]

Google’s Hummingbird and Future Content Marketing

Recently Google announced a new search algorithm called ‘Hummingbird’. The buzz is that it’s likely to have an effect on about 90% of total searches. I think this will majorly impact content and SEO marketing in the future. Here’s why: […]

How to Price Your House Right

All home sellers are eager to sell their property quickly and for the best price, but this is not quite possible if the asking price isn’t right. So, how do you price your house right? Here are ten tips: Consider […]

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Can’t Decide How to Spend on SEO for Your Business? We...

SEO is a service based industry and it’s difficult to arrive at specific “guidelines” regarding what the cost of SEO should be. Many factors affect it – the competitive landscape, market demand, and what suits an individual business. Like any […]

Beat Those Energy Bills – Simple Measures to Save Energy

Most of us feel that we are not consuming as much electricity as we did five or ten years ago. However, our power bills have gone up. If our homes were energy efficient and we were taking all possible measures […]

CPM Advertising Rates of Popular Blogs

One blog may charge you $500 while another one of the same niche may charge $5,000 for an identical volume of traffic. Why do advertising costs vary so much across blogs? The reason one site is selling their traffic for […]