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Common House Marketing Mistakes

Even when there’s a lull in the real estate market, I’ve found that certain people manage to get reasonably good prices for their homes. So why do some homes get good offers? I’ve heard real estate dealers claim that this […]

Refinancing Infographic

Check out this cool refinancing infographic from Economy Watch:

How to Ensure Your Home Inspector Is Qualified

Very often you’ll come across unprofessional people calling themselves professionals. Ditto when it comes to home inspectors. In fact it’s pretty difficult to filter out the qualified from the unqualified because most states do not have any regulations or licenses […]

Can You Refinance Frequently?

Home loan interest rates have moved downwards to never before levels and you’ve recently refinanced your mortgage. How soon can you go in for another refinance? In the current scenario, this is a very valid question. According to the law, […]

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home as a Couple

A study conducted by an agency a few years ago reported that 58% of home buyers are couples who are married while 1% comprises of unmarried couples. Many unmarried couples purchase homes to build equity and avoid rent payment. They […]

Simple Steps for Home Mortgage Refinancing

You want to go in for a home mortgage refinance but you’re delaying it because you’ve been told that refinancing is a complicated process? I’ll help you with some simple steps to make your refinance easier. Get your documents in […]

Fall Home Improvement Projects

Ah, autumn. The leaves are falling, the temps are cooler, and pumpkins are everywhere. Fall is a lovely time of year. It’s also a great time to complete some home improvement projects! Not only can the right improvements add beauty […]

Short Sales versus Foreclosures

Whether or not you’re in foreclosure, if you’re not able to pay off existing mortgages by selling your home, you might want to look at reasons for short sale selling. In the past, there were very few reasons for selling […]

Is the Cost of Refinancing Worth It?

Refinancing can be a great move for many homeowners. It can pay off existing mortgages, some closing costs, and can even return equity to you. However, you probably know that there are costs to refinancing that can make you wonder […]

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

Some of the most popular current trends in today’s homes are eco-friendly features. Many home buyers look for these features when searching for their ideal home. Green technology and home features result in a healthy life for you and your […]