You’ll find innumerable blogs, e-books, and forums that profess to teach you the A to Z of online marketing. Sure, there are some great sources, but we haven’t found any learning methodology that’s superior to the learning by osmosis process. This process involves absorbing materials rather than studying them.

Learn Facts or Learn Meanings?

You see two kids entering a class. One walks in with loads of notepads and pens and the other is empty handed. You would think the empty handed kid is highly unprepared and will not gain much from the class without any notes and stuff.

That might not be the case. While this kid appears to be staring blankly, he’s soaking up all the information possible and looking for its meaning. In the real world, the one who’s successful is the one who listens.

This is what learning by osmosis involves – listening. It means becoming a kind of human sponge that absorbs happenings in the world around and applies meaning to them. This is what aids development of intuition which is the pulling force that differentiates bankrupt sob stories from successful entrepreneurs.

When you work in the affiliate marketing or any online arena, it’s especially important to learn by osmosis. We’ve seen many professionals equipped with the knowledge about what to do; they simply lack the intuition regarding how to go about it.

Here are some great strategies for unconscious learning:

Join up with the passionate and smart

If you run more online businesses than it’s possible to keep track of and promote tens of products over different verticals, you’re never going to be able to analyze things as a specialist working with a single market would do. I think every affiliate should be a joint venture – with the right kind of people.

We affiliate marketers are monetization experts with good knowledge of driving traffic. But the product itself is usually our weakness. We don’t properly understand what we ourselves are promoting.

The key to awesome affiliate website creation is working with someone who knows all nuances of the market. To gain a lot of knowledge, all you need to so is simply shut up and take stock.

Bounce off small knowledgeable groups

For those working on their own, joining up with small mastermind groups is the way to go. If you can get together 4-5forward thinking minds, get them into a routine, and exchange all knowledge gained, affiliate marketing becomes a team effort which can scale great heights.

Not only is there a bouncing off of creative ideas between partners, there will be accountability towards each other and everyone must show results. Who wants to be a weak link in a strong group?

Move out of comfort zones

To really take your business forward, try to get rid of a never changing, zero-challenge work environment which works as a catalyst for stale ideas. Sure, working from the comfort of home has many benefits. But the major disadvantage is who are you going to learn from? And how much? Learning by osmosis, and in general unconscious learning, is based on what we absorb from our surrounding world.

Only networking is the key. Talented entrepreneurs will tell you that many of the greatest ideas strikes due to ‘cross-pollination’ that happens when you meet diverse characters from worlds very different from your regular comfort zones. Truly great achievers contort their minds with uncomfortable challenges.

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