How Car, Home Inflation Is Driving Up Loss Costs for Insurers


  The two possessions that most concern insurers — homes and motor vehicles — happen to be the largest contributors to the historic 7.5% inflation rate announced. Last week you were reading A View From The Top Of A ‘Healthy But Evolving’ Reinsurance Market. This week we’re bringing you:   US P&C insurers see net […]

Conforming Loan Access At Nine Year Low | Mortgage Credit Deep Insights


  Even as the economy is improving, access to mortgage credit fell in January as investors cut back their demand for some products. We hope you enjoyed last week’s edition where we talked about Ron Terwilliger On How To Make More Affordable Housing? This week we’re bringing you:   Lender/Broker Products; Events and Training; Cap […]

4 Trends to Watch in Real Estate Technology

The real estate sector accounts for nearly 60 percent of the world’s mainstream assets, out of which 75 percent belongs to the residential sector. Yet, this huge market has been one of the later ones to adopt innovative technologies. The real estate industry has been a rather silent participant of technological transformation for almost four […]